Welcome to the International Academy For Medical Sciences.

The Homo sapien species is ONE species with a few variants. While the importance of milieu is recognised and its influence in causing milieu related/specific health issues understandable, the bulk of health issues are same to the species across the globe.
What then is disturbing is the variation in standards of handling the same situation by different groups and in different parts of the world.
We as professionals feel that such variations are not acceptable and the people, irrespective of the location, deserve the same treatment for the same disease and not denied because of human infringements.
Variations are seen both at training as well as treatment delivery levels.
The International Academy for Medical Sciences has been formed primarily to address these very issues with a hope that the human organism is provided the same level of treatment irrespective of geopolitical positions.
We believe that every person who has committed a lifetime for the cause of others health must have an opportunity to specialise in an area of one’s choice. With an extensive network of members who have had the opportunity to specialise and are willing to mentor those seeking to learn,IAMS seeks to be a facilitator at a Global level.
Skills and understanding concentrate into ever narrower channels to exceed previously unattained results but in so doing contact with the wider world is lost. IAMS recognises your specialities and puts you alongside similar minded people with different specialities. The hope is that there will be a cross fertilisation of ideas. In other words, the answers you seek may come upon you from an unexpected direction through strangers who have become friends. What you absorbed at medical school was only the foundation course. 
International communication has never been easier.Unfotunately, it has also become riddled with xenophobia and nationalism. We have to rise above these disruptive forces and see the benefits of combined wisdom. IAMS is the forum where you will rediscover the idealistic freedom which I am sure you felt as a teenager entering university. As we get older we do not lose youth; it just gets buried under more layers. IAMS is the best gift you can give your mind.
We welcome all similar thinking medical professionals to become part of this movement.
We in-turn would like to recognise your service and skills by honouring you with a Membership or fellowship based on your level of education and expertise.
Health care delivery involves not just Physicians or Surgeons alone but a host of others. IAMS recognises the same and welcomes one and all who are professionally involved in providing relief from pain.

Join IAMS and what you put into it will be more than repaid by what you get from it